Autumn 2012 / Spring 2013 courses. All running on Thursday evenings (see details below).



Learning how to repair your bicycle can be self-empowering and entertaining, as well as helping you to save money!

We're aware that bicycle maintenance courses can be daunting, but we work hard to try to make the learning experience as accessible, enjoyable and supportive as possible for all, including women only courses.

We believe that the key to learning mechanics is dedicating sufficient time to explaining and practising each activity. For this reason, instead of running courses covering different parts of the bicycle at once, we have divided our course into modules, each covering an area of the bicycle, and each with plenty of time to  practise the new skills.

In this way you can pick and mix, taking only the modules you're interested in (we have specified if previous knowledge is required to undertake certain modules) or follow all modules from beginning to end.


Pick and mix the modules you're interested in, or go for the whole lot for £115 (saving £9).

 For more information on a module please click its title.





Can you work on your own  bike on this course?  (*)

Module 1

Identifying and using tools, checking your bicycle (M-check) and mending punctures

Ideal to familiarise yourself with your bike and tools!


7pm - 9:30pm






25th October

24th January (mixed)

Module 2

Adjust your Brakes

1st November (women only)

7pm - 9:30pm





8th November (mixed)

31st January (mixed)

Module 3

Get those gears right!

(Front and Back)

15th November
(women only)

6pm - 9:30pm



22nd November

7th February (mixed)

Module 4

Fitting and removing brake and gear cables

You need to know how to adjust
brakes and gears to take this module


 29th November
(women only)

7pm - 9:30pm

  £16.00 (**) 




6th December

14th February (mixed)

Module 5

Servicing your wheel hubs

(Front and back wheel hubs)

21st  February






Module 6

Servicing a headset


28th February      (mixed)


6.30pm- 9.30pm








Module 7


Servicing a bottom bracket


7th March (mixed)


7pm-    9.30pm













Cleaning and Lubricating your Bike


14th March (women only)





21st March (mixed)

(*) If you're planning to bring your bicycle please read this.

(**) Materials for this module are not included in the price. You can buy inner and outer cables during the course or bring your own.    


How to book

To book email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call us on 01524 65553 with your name, contact details and the modules you'd like to enrol on. We'll confirm whether there's places available and ask you to pay a 50% booking fee (non-refundable, unless we can find someone to fill your place).



 "Thank you very much for the gears course. I really needed a methodical, one step at a time, demonstration of gear adjustment.

I now feel much more confident about sorting out gears - and if it all goes wrong - no problem! - because I can now just go back

to the beginning of the adjustment sequence without feelings of despair!" (John).

"I just fixed a puncture in 20 minutes, thanks Freewheelers for giving me the confidence I was lacking" (Gemma).

FAQ about the courses

Do I need to have previous knowledge to attend the courses?

All bicycle maintenance modules are suitable for beginners and those with more experience. But if you've never used tools before and are not very familiar with your bicycle, we strongly recommend you come to Module I: 'Identifying and using tools, M-check and mending a puncture' before undertaking any others. If you need specific knowledge to attend a course we have specified this on the list above.

How many people attend the courses?

Each module is delivered to a maximum of four people, to ensure a high ratio of instructors to learners.

Can I practice on my own bicycle during the course?

If you wish to work on your own bicycle, please bring it along. We will be working on a combination of learners' bicycles and bicycles provided by us, depending on the module. Although we realise of the advantages of working on one's own bicycle, because of the nature of certain modules, we consider it's best if some of them (for example, headsets and bottom brackets) are practised on bicycles provided by us.

If you are bringing your bicycle, please, note that maintenance courses are not repair sessions. During the process of practising on your bicycle unexpected problems might arise that might not be solvable during the session.

Can I have a one to one session or a session specifically for my group?

If you're interested in a one-to-one session or a course for your school, community centre,  place of work or your group of friends, please get in touch and we can tailor a session or series of sessions to your needs.

Proud to ride Classic, in Lancaster too, also offer one to one maintenance tutorials.