Tool Club


What is the Tool Club?

Do you know how to repair your bicycle but lack space, tools, parts, motivation...? Come to the workshop on Wednesday evening and use our tools and stands; consult our repair books; drink tea and coffee; bring a friend to help you; buy spares when you need them...make yourself at home and repair your bicycle in a relaxed and friendly environment.

The Freewheelers Tool Club is an opportunity to use the workshop tools and facilities to carry out your own repairs in a supportive and relaxing environment.

Bring your bicycle, use the workshop tools and facilities and make yourself at home!


The Tool Club is run by volunteers who will happily answer basic questions and assist you. However, the service is intended to be used by people with sufficient knowledge to meet their own needs. Volunteers will not be able to repair your bicycle for you or teach you how to do it during tool club hours.


If you'd like to learn how to repair your bicycle you can come along to our maintenance courses. Combining a maintenance course with the use of the Tool Club to practice your new skills can be a great opportunity to empower yourself to repair your own bicycle in a supportive and sociable setting, and save you a lot of money in the long run!


Supported sessions



Supported sessions are for those who have the knowledge, but might lack the practice, or the confidence, and want someone supporting them. A fully supported session is not a training session but an opportunity to work alongside a mechanic who will dedicate their full attention to you. These sessions are £5 for 2 hours. If you'd like a fully supported session with a qualified mechanic you can book one in advance by phone or email.


Membership fees

The Tool Club is run on a voluntary basis, but in order to help cover costs (tea and coffee, utilities and  wear and tear of tools) there is a small annual membership fee and a small fee every time you come.


Pay a one-off annual membership fee to join tool club and then pay a small fee for each session you choose to attend.

Annual Membership Fees

Waged £15 Includes 3 free unsupported sessions and a 5% discount on parts for the year
Unwaged £10*

Session Fees

Unsupported £1
Supported £5

(*If you cannot afford £10 in one go, you can pay in two installments, as people with little money are excluded from too much already!)

To become a member just come along on Tool Club hours or regular opening hours!

We want the space to be as open and friendly as possible. We realise that workshops can often be  intimidating. If you are unsure of how the Tool Club works or whether you would enjoy it or feel comfortable  please do not hesitate to get in touch or come along during Tool Club hours to have a peek! Everyone welcome!

Tool Club Hours

Every Wednesday: 6.30pm – 9.30pm

(The women only Tool Club sessions have been temporarily stopped due to a lack of demand. However we remain committed to offering this service and will run it again as soon as we feel there's more demand for it).